Episode 70 - Brag Radio Show

July 22, 2017

Welcome to BRAG Radio leading the world to be rich and generous.
For the next hour best sell real estate investing author Larry Goins & Co-Host Kandas, will show you the many ways real estate creates the I.D.E.A.L. investment. Whether you want to Flip houses or become a passive investor making double digit returns while others do all the work. You will learn how here on BRAG Radio.


This Weeks Topics:

  • A 17 year old and already closed 3 sales for his team so far and 3 more scheduled.
  • Green street - Sylvia’s  Asking $69k, contracted $42,500, $50 - $70k Rehab *we’ve called estimators*, $210k ARV. We are selling for $59,900
  • We’ve renegotiated to $40k and extended for 15 additional days in the due diligence period.
  • Tip - when you are starting don’t take on something that has this much rehab - you limit yourself on buyers*
  • Generous: Celie 2nd Interview Another deal and BRAGGING Paid close to list. $8k paint/floors. Walking away with $54k and already sold the note (9%, 25 years). Marketed on craigslist.




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