Episode 98 - Brag Radio Show

February 3, 2018

Welcome to BRAG Radio leading the world to be rich and generous.

For the next hour best sell real estate investing author Larry Goins & Co-Host Kandas, will show you the many ways real estate creates the I.D.E.A.L. investment. Whether you want to Flip houses or become a passive investor making double digit returns while others do all the work. You will learn how here on BRAG Radio.

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Show Summary:

Today's episode  Larry and Kandas discussed about deals they have done the past weeks.  They will teach you how to handle good and bad deals. Learn a lot of lessons and tips on how to take care of your deals and how to avoid losing money.


  • Kandas and her family's little project on helping other children.
  • Paying forward.
  • Upcoming Training Events.
  • Deals they've done this week.
  • What they do and what they can offer.
  • The HUD house they got this week listed for 72, picked it up for 39 and will offer it for 49.9.
  • Teaching other people how to avoid losing money.
  • Difference between saying "You're right" vs "That's right".
  • Problem properties.
  • Dealing with Heir properties.
  • Gerald's deals  - good and bad ones.



"If you don't give when you have a little, you won't give when you have a lot."

"It's a lot easier to flip a dime out of a dollar than it is a hundred grand out of a million."

"You're right" gives compliance, "That's right" gives commitment.

"If you're buying a house from somebody, it doesn't matter how much they make as long as your number works for you."



3 Day Training Event

Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading by Larry Goins

HUD Homes Half Off! by Larry Goins

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss




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