Episode 100 - Brag Radio Show

February 17, 2018

Today marks the 100th episode of Brag Radio. Larry and Kandas planned really hard for this special episode. They shared how they spent the past few days away from home to be in a mastermind group and where they are heading personally and business-wise. Primarily however, the focus of the episode is creating one’s personal vision and how real estate can be used as the vehicle to fulfill said vision.


  • How mastermind group works

  • Why people get involved in real estate
  • Lifestyle business vs. Enterprise business
  • Real estate as an investment
  • Building relationships
  • Creating a life vision
  • Building a business that serves you

Things that you can go through to realize you need a personal vision:

  • Writing your own eulogy
  • Writing what you will do if you only had 3 months to live
  • Writing your "wants"
  • Writing what you regret NOT doing

Real estate as a vehicle that allows you to fulfill your personal vision.



"Sometimes you do have to dive really deep to get stuff aired out."

"People get involved in real estate to be able to have freedom."

"Different people have different goals in mind."

"Start from where you are right now."

"You need to build a business where your business is going to serve you."

"You don't serve the business."

"You need a life vision, and not a distorted dream."


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