Episode 101 - Brag Radio Show

February 24, 2018


In today's episode, Larry and Kandas talked about the advantages of masterminding. They share their mastermind group experiences. They shared why they feel people should continue to grow and learn. They demonstrated how to overcome personal and business challenges.


Show highlights:

  • A Mastermind is a group of people who work together to solve each other's challenges.
  • You should want to learn more, even after you know everything.
  • You do not corner the market on NEW ideas
  • What's the one thing that will have the most impact on your business?
  • You have finite days to live, what are you passionate about?
  • What is the root of what you do (your reason)? Mastermind groups help to bring you back to your roots.
  • Once you find your passion (your why) all other things fall in to place.

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